Do you know how long beer has been around? According to historians, the origin of beer can be traced back to the time of the Egyptians back in 5,000 B.C. According to history, Egyptians mixed dates, pomegranates, herbs, and other ingredients to make beer or whatever it was called back then. 

Back then, the beverage was used or consumed during religious activities. The Pharaoh would be the one to mix everything and then serve it to his subjects. Many people believe beer originated from Europe, but according to other data, the region was the only second stop of beer.

Beer – Integral Part of Life

Featured image The Incredible Evolution of Beer Beer Integral Part of Life - The Incredible Evolution of Beer

When the beverage made its way to Europe, it became an integral part of the lives of thousands of Europeans. The people found a new use for their abundant barley crops and started to make their beer combinations.

If you think about it, craft beers are traced back to the same timeline when beer was founded. It was only after a couple of decades that people started to try something new and incorporate their own culture to making beers.

It came to a point that beers started to be an integral part of people’s lives. 

Beers might be for religious purposes back then but not anymore. Beers, as time passed by became a common drink for millions of people just like water and juice. People would drink beer early in the morning, after lunch and even right before they sleep. 

The Art of Craft Beers

Featured image The Incredible Evolution of Beer The Art of Craft Beers - The Incredible Evolution of Beer

The art of craft beer has been around for thousands of years and will continue to do so for thousands more. There are thousands of beer products available all over the globe today. In New Zealand alone, there are over 200 brewers scattered all over the country each with their signature product. 

Here in NZ, we have the Garage Project Mutiny on the Bounty, 8 Wired iStout, Tuatara XV 15th Anniversary Russian Imperial Stout, Epic Hop Zombie, and so much more. The art of craft beer also has something to do with its distribution to the public. 

Back in the olden times, beers were only for the rich and the elites. These days, anyone can buy a beer for a couple of dollars. Craft beers are not expensive, well, some of them are but most of the best beer creations here in New Zealand are affordable. You can get a bunch of them right at the nearest grocery store.

Future of Craft Beers

Featured image The Incredible Evolution of Beer Future of Craft Beers - The Incredible Evolution of Beer

Right now there are more than 10,000 craft beers all over the globe with most products produced in the United States and Europe. New Zealand’s beer creations might not have a chance when it comes to quantity but is a top contender when it comes to quality.

The future of craft beers is unclear with a lot of brewers struggling to find breakthroughs. Some are comparing the evolution of beer to the evolution of casino gaming. For most, online casino gaming is at its limit and no new milestones are up ahead.

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