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Mike’s Organic Brewery started as a small vineyard in Invercargill supplying three wineries in the area back in 1985. In 1990, Olivia Duncan, co-owner of the vineyard decided to create their products using the produce they have. Five years later, Mike’s Organic Brewery opened for business.

Mike’s Organic Brewery

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Back in 1990, Mike’s Organic Brewery sold its signature beer the Boat Grapefruit Pale Ale. It was a big hit in the community and resellers started to ask if Mike can produce more for reselling.

So, Mike did it and the ale quickly became a favourite drink throughout the entire town. We expanded to wines in 2000. We’ve made a couple of craft beers that were never introduced before by any brewery around the world like Chocolate Milk Stout, Vanilla Coffee Porter, and Surf Spot X Blackberry I.P.A.

Giving Back

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For the first couple of years in business, we had to hand-deliver all orders and we even stood at corners to sell our products. We were often scolded by cops for what we did. But, with the support we got from our community back then, Mike’s Organic Brewery is a success story today.

We owe all of this to all the people who support us all the way and for that, it is our mission to always give back in any way we can.

Mike’s Organic Brewery is working with several organisations engaged in different charities and community services. We are battling unemployment and people within and under the poverty line.

You can help by buying our products with half of all proceeds going to our selected charity organisations. Drink a beer with Mike and together, we’ll make the world a better place. Contact us today for more or subscribe to our newsletter.