To a beer festival, we go. Are you coming with us? Do you even know where we are going? New Zealand is a country of diversity, culture, opportunity, nature, and most of all, beer-loving creatures.

There are hundreds of events, small, medium, big, and massive beer festivals to attend every year. You just need to know where you are going and make sure to come prepared because it’s going to be a day of happiness, it’s not just a happy hour but a happy day.

Without further ado, here’s a list of the most anticipated beer festivals in Kiwi territory.


Featured image Most Anticipated Beer Festivals in New Zealand Beerfest - Most Anticipated Beer Festivals in New Zealand

First, we make our way to the legendary beer festival venue Lake Rotoiti in Rotorua. Beerfest is a collision of New Zealand and Germany. The best beer products from both countries are celebrated as people from all over the world gather for a memorable experience.

You are going to enjoy the traditional 30-piece Oompah band to set and blow up the scene. Beerfest just by the name of it is a big beer festival field with booze and performances from local bands and artists.

When we say a bunch of booze, we are not just talking about the usual selection you get from the grocery store. We are talking about craft beers made here in New Zealand and from Germany.

For example, attending this event means you get to enjoy beers created from Aktienbrauerei, an old brewery located in Kaufbeuren, Germany.

Do you know how old this brewery is? 700 years old. You can just imagine the history, the culture, and the mastery for each beer being produced. We are working with the organisers to make sure the Beerfest stays alive.

The organisation and the event are facing limbo due to financial issues. Let’s keep this festival alive.


Featured image Most Anticipated Beer Festivals in New Zealand GABS - Most Anticipated Beer Festivals in New Zealand

If you want the best in New Zealand when it comes to craft beers, GABS is the event for you. The best brewers from all over New Zealand gather every year in Auckland to flaunt their best products and show the people how to make them.

GABS features more than a hundred craft beers from beer masters and winemakers all over the country and some from Australia. There is also a big food scene going on with several food stands and vendors opening up shop.

GABS is not just a beer festival, by the way, it is also a carnival celebration with several attractions for the entire family. Here, you get to enjoy the best of the best beers created and perfected here in Kiwi territory.

The Great Kiwi Beer Festival

Featured image Most Anticipated Beer Festivals in New Zealand The Great Kiwi Beer Festival - Most Anticipated Beer Festivals in New Zealand

The Great Kiwi Beer Festival is nothing but a night of craft beers and local bands rocking out on stage. Every year in Christchurch, the Great Kiwi Beer Festival, known as the greatest beer festival in New Zealand takes place.

This festival pays homage to the old favourite brews enjoyed by our grandparents and to the news creations we enjoy today. It does not get better than this.